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Parent: Appeals Procedure

Ceredigion Child Protection Conference Appeals Procedure
For Parents/Carers And Young People

If a parent, carer or child wishes to complain about the functioning and outcome of a Child Protection Conference, for example the decision to place your child’s name on the Ceredigion Child Protection Register, or the category of registration, this should be done through the Appeals Procedure of Ceredigion Area Child Protection Committee. The Appeals Procedure is as follows: -

  • Any parent/carer or child of sufficient age or understanding who is aggrieved at the Child Protection Conference decision about registration or de-registration has the right to appeal.

  • First, the person who wants to challenge the conference decision should seek an interview with the Child Protection Conference Chair within 21 days of becoming aware of the decision for the purpose of discussing the reason for the decision and their grievance. The person may wish to bring someone for support, such as his/her solicitor. The Child Protection Conference Chair may request the attendance of the County Solicitor. The address of the Child Protection Conference Chair is: -

Child Protection Conference Chair,
Ceredigion Social Services Department,
Aberaeron. SA46 0DY.
01545 574000

  • Secondly, if the person continues to feel aggrieved following the meeting with the Child Protection Conference Chair, he/she should notify the Ceredigion Area Child Protection Committee Chair in writing within a period of 10 days of his/her intention to appeal. The address is: -

Ceredigion Area Child Protection Committee Chair,
Ceredigion Social Services Department,
Aberaeron. SA46 0DY.

  • Thirdly, 10 working days after receiving the notice of appeal, the LSCB Chairperson shall convene the Appeals Panel. Participants in the Child Protection Conference shall not be eligible to serve on the Appeals Panel. The panel shall have 3 or 4 members experienced in child protection work including at least one senior representative from the Ceredigion Social Services Department and one health representative. Consideration will also be given to the racial and gender balance to reflect the rights of the appellant. The Child Protection Conference Chairperson will attend to assist the panel in relation to the conference process and decision-making.

  • The time limits referred to above may be extended by mutual agreement between the parties.

The appeal shall proceed as follows: -

  • The members of the Appeal Panel shall elect a Chair for the hearing from its members, and where necessary the Chair will have the casting vote.
  • The elected Chair shall first determine the substance of the appeal.
  • The appellant shall then be given the opportunity to make a statement, to ask questions, and to call evidence in relation to his /her grievance.
  • At the discretion of the Appeal Panel Chair the Chair of the Child Protection Conference may be permitted to ask questions of the appellant.
  • In order to assist the panel and the appellant, the Child Protection Conference Chair shall present the main points and the decision made at the Child Protection Conference, and, a summary of the points made at the meeting with the aggrieved parent following the conference. The appellant shall have an opportunity to ask questions.
  • The panel members, through the Chair, can at any stage during the hearing ask questions.
  • The hearing shall conclude with a final address by the appellant if so deemed, thereafter all persons, other than the panel, shall retire.

The Appeals Panel shall reach one of the following conclusions: -

  • That registration /de-registration was appropriate.
  • That the conference should reconvene to reconsider its decision to register/de-register.
  • The Appeal Panel Chair will verbally inform the appellant of the decision at the end of the meeting.

The panel decision shall be communicated in writing without delay to: -

  • The appellant, and the child, subject to age and understanding.
  • Members of the Child Protection Conference.
  • If the decision is that the Child Protection Conference is reconvened, the reasons for this must be fully outlined in the communication.
  • In all cases the recommendations and decisions of the registering/de-registering child protection conference will stand throughout the appeals process.
  • The subsequent decision reached by the reconvened conference will not be subject to further appeal. However, the Appeal Panel members and the LSCB must be informed of the outcome in order to consider whether any procedural changes are required.