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Ceredigion Local Safeguarding Children Board
Local Arrangements 2008

1. Background

The Children Act 2004 placed a statutory requirement on each local authority to establish a Local Safeguarding Children Board (LSCB). The local arrangements for Ceredigion LSCB Network are based on the requirements of the Children Act 2004, the Welsh Assembly ‘Safeguarding Children, Working Together Under the Children Act 2004’ guidance (2006).

2. Purpose

The primary purpose of the Ceredigion LSCB Network is the protection of children from abuse, neglect and exploitation. The core business is therefore to ensure that effective arrangements, policies and working practices are in place throughout agencies and partnerships to protect children who are suffering, or at risk of suffering significant harm, and, that they coordinated and monitored.

In addition, the Ceredigion LSCB Network will participate in planning services for children with other partnerships and agencies in order to establish measures to prevent child abuse, neglect and exploitation.

3. The Objectives and Functions.

In accordance with the Children Act 2004, section 31, the objectives of the Ceredigion LSCB Network are twofold:

  1. To coordinate what is done by each person or body represented on the Board for the purposes of safeguarding and promoting the welfare of children in the area of the authority in which it is established; and,
  2. To ensure the effectiveness of what is done by each such person or body for those purposes.

The pathways through which the LSCB overall outcomes are achieved is illustrated below: -

The Objectives in a table

Therefore the LSCB constitutes the key statutory mechanism for agreeing how the relevant organisations will cooperate to safeguard and promote the welfare of children in Ceredigion, and for ensuring the effectiveness of what they do.

4. Scope of Interest

The scope of the Ceredigion LSCB Network responsibilities extends to all children and young people, but in particular the following: -

  • Children in need, in particular children with complex needs and compromised parenting;
  • Children abused and neglected within families, including those harmed in the context of domestic abuse and/or as a consequence of alcohol/substance misuse;
  • Children abused outside families by adults known to them;
  • Children abused and neglected by professional carers, within an institutional setting, or anywhere else where children are cared for away from home;
  • Children abused by strangers;
  • Children abused by other young people;
  • Children who abuse;
  • Children abused through sexual exploitation;
  • Children who misuse drugs, alcohol and other substances;
  • Children who run from home or care;
  • Children who go missing;
  • Asylum seeking children with families or unaccompanied;
  • Children with particular needs or disabilities;
  • Children within the youth offending system.

5. Structure

Accountability of Ceredigion LSCB Network Core Board and Group Members

  • To be an active partner in safeguarding and promoting the welfare of children;
  • To work with other professionals/agencies/partnerships to find effective solutions to challenges that arise in the inter agency arrangements of the LSCB;
  • To represent the LSCB and its activities within their own organisation;
  • To ensure that the policies and the procedures of the LSCB are disseminated in an effective way within their organisation;
  • To contribute to the LSCB either financially or in kind;
  • To provide management information as required;
  • To identify and support staff to participate in the interagency activities of the LSCB;
  • To ensure all staff within their own agency, who have contact with children, are aware of their responsibilities and are supported to comply with child protection procedures and policies; and,
  • To take a robust and inclusive approach to developing best practice and services that will safeguard children and promote their welfare.

7. Organisation and Governance


  • In Ceredigion the local authority has lead responsibility for the establishment and effective working of the LSCB Network;
  • Each member of the Ceredigion LSCB Network is accountable for and has ownership of responsibilities for child protection and safeguarding/promoting children’s welfare in their own agency;
  • All agencies working with children and families in Ceredigion have a collective responsibility for child protection and safeguarding arrangements;
  • Each agency shall recognise and endorse that the Ceredigion LSCB Network has a statutory responsibility to ensure the effectiveness of each agency’s child protection and safeguarding arrangements and performance;
  • The Ceredigion LSCB Network has neither a managerial role in other agencies nor a power to direct other organisations. It should have a relationship of influence with constituent agencies and partnerships.

Ceredigion LSCB Network’s Relationship with other Planning and Management Groups

The Ceredigion LSCB Network has a strategic relationship with a number of planning and management groups, including the: -

  • CYP Partnership;
  • Community Safety Partnership;
  • Health, Social Care and Well Being Strategic Group;
  • Dyfed Powys MAPPA SMB;
  • YOT Management Board.

The Ceredigion LSCB Network’s role is to maintain an independent focus on the child protection arrangements in all agencies and organisations, and, to monitor and scrutinise their safeguarding arrangements and performance.

8. Serious Case Reviews

The Local Safeguarding Children Boards (Wales) Regulations 2005 require that where abuse or neglect of a child is known or suspected and:
  • A child dies; or
  • A child sustains potentially life threatening injury or serious and permanent impairment of health and development, or has been subject to particularly serious sexual abuse

The Local Safeguarding Board for the area must conduct a serious case review.

Additionally the LSCB should also conduct a serious case review where:

  • A child has committed suicide;
  • A child’s parent has been murdered and a domestic homicide review is being initiated; or
  • A parent suffering from a mental illness has killed a child.

The Ceredigion LSCB Network Serious Case Review Group shall take lead responsibility for undertaking a serious case review for a child living in or normally resident in the county.

Appendix 2

Ceredigion LSCB Serious Case Review Group

The function is: -

  • To consider cases put forward by professionals/agencies for a possible serious case review, make a recommendation to the LSCB Chair about whether a review should take place, and undertake the review.

Appendix 3.

Ceredigion LSCB Network People Group

The LSCB Network People Group shall undertake functions associated with the coordination objective, and additional task/finish functions.

The functions of the LSCB Network People Group shall include:

  • Planning, facilitating and monitoring the child protection training for professionals, employees and volunteers directly or indirectly working with children and families;
  • Raising awareness of professionals, employees and volunteers working with children, families and adults in matters of child protection, and, safeguarding/promoting the welfare of children;
  • Engagement with the public in matters of safeguarding/promoting children’s welfare;
  • Contributing to and delivering the Ceredigion LSCB Business Plan;
  • Coordinating and communicating the LSCB Network contribution to the CYP Plan;
  • Linking with the CYP Framework Partnership on the broader LSCB Network agenda for safeguarding/promoting children’s welfare;
  • Promoting access to the work of the Ceredigion LSCB through maintaining the website, and the provision of other information;
  • A task/finish functions, including responsibility for development projects.

Appendix 4

Ceredigion LSCB Network Operations Group

The LSCB Network Operations Group will be primarily responsible for carrying out the objective of ensuring the effectiveness of measures taken to protect children, and, to safeguard/promote children’s welfare

he functions are:

  • To monitor and review the child protection process and outcomes, and produce a quarterly management report for the Ceredigion LSCB Core Group;
  • To develop criteria for measuring the effectiveness and performance of agencies in carrying out their safeguarding /promoting children’s welfare responsibilities;
  • To develop child protection/safeguarding protocols and procedures as required;
  • To represent the Ceredigion LSCB on the Dyfed Powys Regional CP Forum and the All Wales Child Protection Procedures Review Group in order to develop protocols and procedures;
  • To coordinate with National Service Framework Child Protection requirements;
  • A task/finish function shall be that of problem resolution, that is, to develop a protocol in order to undertake responses to child protection and safeguarding matters drawn to the attention of the LSCB Network;
  • A task/finish function shall be Child Protection Conference Appeals.